It was more than interesting day. I crafted, gained 1 level (well, by doing low lvl stuff), then switched to level 100 crafter and gathered medium level resources. Also had to ask Guild to aid one much needed structure in Bristugo.

I was asked about one plot if I helpedd it…but if I tell this in public, it won’t be my favourite ninja-helping. Therefore chose Palpatine-type answers that are more questions than answers: I do not confirm, I do not deny.

And then it was time for almost role-play. Player E. and me, SMAAC and MHL. Save Motherlodes At All Costs versus my own Motherlode Harvesting League (SMAAC – 1 member and 1 who may support; MHL – 1 member….). Once again talks how am I harvesting MLs and why they should/should not be harvested, how they could avenge me etc.  Then some Dragon said “moo” and we went into lenghty topic about cow-dragons…ending with questions about Dryads in chocolate and, of course, motherlodes.

I felt a;lmost excited, laughing half the game play. If this is roleplay, I want more of it.

Lord of the rings online

Most of the time, as usually – absolutely nothing to do. Question in World chat “any low level players needing any help?” is always left unanswered. Kinship organizes Pelagir and other Big Battles, but these are not for me. We talked in Kin chat about my unanswered question. Conclusion – either players are self-sufficient, or they are just alts or we have very little actually new players. Another option -we have, but they have turned World chat off, as I did most of the time.

Aided was lvl.59 Minstrel with Skumfil. At least I thought I was of some aid, because one Runekeeper (lvl.100) did almost all the killings, my champion was of little use. Anyway, I was more than happy to aid other player.

Recently I’ve been talking about champion. I am not optimistic about this class. It has some DPS, but that’s where it begins and end. I can’t see what champion’s role is. For DPS we have universal killing machines like wardens, runekeepers. For crowd control – Loremasters, Minstrels, maybe Hunters. For tanking – doh…tank classes. Magic use – Minstrels, Runekeepers. Healings – Minstrel. Of course, we have effective champions, but I still think I made the worst choice in class. My yellow line sometimes is not effective – if I face single target. But in most situations I face several targets (though runekeeper will deal with 2 blows where I would need 12).

And so the day has ended. I felt excited in Istaria and just not too grumpy in Lotro.