Was under maintenance, I was “under maintenance” (slept for a few hours – probably was a bit tired…) too and this time Istaria maintenance was really short.

My Weaver started adding various Kenaf stuff to one plot. Now, I am near to completion and then will have to switch to Enchanter. This one is probably the hardest school. You gather essences which have only one good spot, grind them into stuff and use to aid buildings. That’s the best scenario, mostly it is “grind essences, make stuff, delete stuff, repeat”.

We joked again in Guild chat about monsters, motherlodes and other things. I asked about weapons and it became true I had no formula for high level (higher than some lvl.72) formulas. Somehow I guess these are drop only, so would have to ask if anyone has spare…

Lord of the rings online

Almost no activity. Kinship was active with Big Prob Battles, World chat was full of just ranting. I left Dunland (kinnie who quested wasnt there).

And then came our boss, who is very persistent if he thinks he could help person who may go wrong way. Once again – aksing to switch to red line champion. Red line is single target. My favourite yellow is Area of Effect. And blue is something almost no champion uses – tanking. Well, this time I had to comply. I saw manay many weird skills I have never seen before. Only God knows what they really do in actual combat, how they work, how they will perform.

To my satisfaction I kept some AoE skills, including famous Raging Blade. Now, if would ever be in mood of testing – I could test these skills in any non-Gondor area. Gondor, Big Battles are taboo for me.

One day I will test. Not sure if today is the day though.


And so the day has ended. I felt satisfied, life was goodd in Istaria and Lotro.