We have two new players in our Guiild and it was them that interrupted my typical grinding. One was “spoiled” to purchase plot on Fabric isle. The owner did not log in, so plot is being slowly demolished. Community needs it, so our newcomer was persuaded to purchase as soon as plot is free. I assured that players would help, all that owner needs are some 2 gold and to plan needed structures: crafting one, vault, some public silos.

Then came another plot owner. He already had a plot (where I soloed one structure) and we talked about this plot too. He put one very much needed structure there – and I rushed to grind everything: cobalt, obsidian, slate, maple. Within first day, building was finished by some 20-30%. Now, i have mostly Weaver and Essence structurer stuff to do. And then – then, building will be completed. Also, there is small vault. We adviceds to place a vault nearby to all crafting structures so that crafters would feel like in paradise. Guild chat also helped our new player with almost everything. Including talks about money, like “plz make me this, i will pay you’. One old players explained – “if you feel you need to pay, fill Guild silos with NNN”, i told in a more radical way: if I give away things, i give them away to friends for free; if I aid plot, I aid for free, NO money. That’s how we live in Lotro, that’s how we live in Istaria.

Of course, there were rants about motherlode harvesting – we are RP server.  Now, I have several plots to help with which keeps me busy all the time.

Today will be another maintenance: 2 servers will take some 4 hours, most of the day I won’t be able to play at all.

Lord of the rings online

Logged, took Hobbit presents, looked that no one needs help. Our leader told me I could try to fight as red line Champion. But I have set up my toon for yellow line, I love shings-shings and am accustomed to use ones. Also, it does mean I can rush into battle with several enemies at once. To re-configure, to re-learn would take too much time. After all, I almost do no fight in Lotro.

And so the day has ended. I felt superb in Istaria.