My crafter ran again and again, grinding cobalt, sometimes – obsidian or even maple/yew. Was writing down what resources are needed and aiding those with the highest level of completion. Managed to finish some 2 structures on one plot and was really proud of of it.

We have an excellent talks in our chat. If this is called role-play, then even I did some. This time – with motherlodes, the most rich harvesting nodes. The most rich means the most rare (yes, Captain Obvious…). Almost everyone usually harvests them. Not player E., she declares motherlodes are not to be harvested since they are on the verge of extinction. I told her I was forming MHL, Motherlode Harvesting League. After several “oh, no!” she told MHL may be popular, but not within SMAAC (Stop Motherlode harvesting At All Costs), we went to discuss “preventive” and “counterpreventive” measures. Later I was talking with one Dryad about how Dryads were tasty as candies…Once again, a lenghty discussion.

I really enjoy this. Not sure if that’s roleplay, since I do not assume I am another person (like Human from Tazoon wandering to find ancient Dwarf-Dragon to join the fight against some Withered Aegis). Our community is really, really good and healthy. One can only relax there.

Meanwhile helped another plot: hope owner did not notice me as I soloed entire building. Our plot at Heather is doing good, once again managed to add 300 granite blocks and 300 granite keystones, now preparing for Steel grind…and one our member uses her hoard of thousands oak boards to add oak things. She probably will gain some levels this way.

Not so shiny news – we are losing plot on Fabric isle. Owner has last logged some 1 year ago, subscription probably expired…and structures are slowly demolished bythe game. Crafted some things there to level up my Weaver.

Lord of the ringsĀ  online

One of former Edhel-Annon members is now a proud member of The Family! Good to hear, tlaking to him, sharing almost the same feelings about the game and doing so every day.

On Sunday I was in mood of helping someone and really had 2 people to aid…but time was not on my side. I had some 40 minutes and while everyone thought what to do – these became 15 minutes. Too late to aid, had to run. Not so good, I enjoy helping.

The Family, my Kinship is probably the best thing Withywindle server can offer to players. Not sure about game content, hardcore RNG or some classes that were un-needed since their creation, not sure about lvl.100 monsters in lvl.40 areas or forced quests.

And so – I played, I felt really satisfied with old friendss or helping others. Life was just superb.