I was a busy one, grinding cobalt, joking in Guild chat and facing not so optimistic talks there. Anyway, my Cobalt job’s part one is close to completion. Then it would be second part and after second part…well,. only God knows.

Developers have proposed several good changes. One of them – any crafting facility is to have a public storage silo. It’s some chance of losing your precious materials…but at the other hand, will greatly help crafters.

Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys talked in chats and helped one kinnie. He needed one instance in Misty mountains where Nazgul awakens Dragon. I felt really nice shing-shinging enemies, running into swarms of them…and emerging victorious after first hit. We did everything, my kinnie performed very well – he is Minstrel after all, ranged tank.

Then, we ran Sambrog lvl.47, he ran into few problems, but we went on, destroying any opposition and outperforming Mr. Sambrog’s heals (Sambrog, cheating is not good, by the way…).

Spoke with another member of Edhel-Annon, about how my former kinship does, how do we see future of Lotro (and well, my rants about my class, but no need to repeat them). It’s always nice to meet old friends, chat and send best wishes to kinships I once was member of. Yes, I am a member of The Family and satisfied of this Kin.

And so the day has ended, I felt happy and usefull once again. Life was just…perfect.