Almost all day (15:00 – …at least untill 22:30) was offline. Standard maintenance, which lasts 4 hours if we have no updates (we have 2 servers, by the way), and since this WAS update – “update extended for few more hours”. Grinded cobalt a bit, added as many as I could.

Lord of the rings online

I started to frequently use phrase while in Lotro – “my favourite game is offline again” and adding it is Istaria. Anyway, since Istaria was offline – chatted in Kin chat, then looked at World chat. Asked if there was any low level who needed help. One player in Lithuania asked to make Minstrel lvl.100 First age weapon. And another player asked to power-level him from lvl.37 to lvl.40.

We started with Sambrog which was not too interesting and then went to Tuckoborough. Ran instance many times, each one I was really enjoying myself. Horde of enemies – no problem: I ran into it, then shing-shing, enemies dead, let’s run forward. We did so many times, experience for that player was flowing (he was also using xp accelerator). Finally, he was lvl.40 and I could leave.

Another player asked to aid in Fall of Mordirith, but it was overkill: two lvl.100 players, I had alamost nothing to do. Anyway, was ncie to help.

And third player – well, he needed to kill some Giants and dragons in Enedwaith. It was a shing-shing time for me too. Unfortunately, that player died few times: perhabs he was too quick to go for a kill. Yes, being Hunter means range-killing before Champion reacts, but still…I aided him with killing and then all things were done, nobody else needed help.


And so the day has ended: almost good in both games. The only thought was  – to burn Tuckoborough once…