First of all – sorry for delays in my posts. Some real life things, some virtual things…


Having really great time there. Crafting whatever is neeeded for our plots. Finished two silos on one plot, now spending hours and days for another big plot. Currently I am focusing on cobalt and would have to make thousands of materials. At least I suppose it is better to concentrate on one efficient material than run for 5 different ones. Thanks to our plot in Falathien, cobalt grind is going great.

Also having really great talks in our chat. Are these considered to be role-playing? Not sure. Example: one player *holds a sign: hands off from motherlodes* and I troll her about harvesting motherlodes (ML, as we call them). She argues MLs are rare (they really are) and they are hurt by me, therefore she will hide MLs… We joke about my grind. Even real-life sometimes interferes. I wrote that this ML defender would write book for golems “50 shades of metal grey”. She answered – no no, it would be “50 shades of grinder Nak”. My answer- since I am not into this, book should be “50 shades of grinding” or “50 ways to harvest motherlode”… Once again, we laugh and enjoy this. Next time some items from my vault just disappeared, I asked why and we ended in talking about one player of Saris (feline) race, like “you can never trust Saris”…

However, developers once again want to change things where they shouldn’t do – almosty exterminate Gifts, make them more rare and not usefull. Crafters used gifts of strenght and alike to bolster their crafting – and now these could be done. Let us hope it won’t happen.

Lord of the rings online

Helped few players with some quests/skirmishes. One was yesterday, some old epic skirmish. One Dwarf stands, we had to protect him against hordes of Mordor. Skirmish was lvl.63, I was lvl.100 so things went really good. I just went into swarm of goblinsm shing-shing’ed and goblins were dead. My companion – a good hunter – sometimes did not manage to attack enemies. And yes, it was a player from my old Kinship, Dunedain of the North.

Next time I met a player from Edhel-Annon where I once belonged too. We talked about game and other things. Good to see old good friends and know that my former Kinships are doing quite well. Of course, I am happy with my current one and the friendly atmosphere there.

A pity game itself is rolling to wrong direction. if not my Kinship, I would have probably left. But now, I can’t leave my friends behind:as long as they play, I will log in.


And so days were great and quite happy in Istaria and Lotro. I felt satisfied -I am running like a wind, helping and fighting, finding my own place in virtuality.