Naktieskarys was active in Istaria. Was helping one plot, when finished with easy materials – switched to obsidian. Having cargo pet helps a lot, crafting is much easier now…but still it is grind. While grinding, a message from one of our top members, aksing if I could aid with cobalt at Guild plot.

Of course, I could – just finished with another plot and then – to Falathien. Cobalt is very easy there and untill evening I managed to add 200 cobalt jointings and 120 cobalt sheetings. More job remains (some 400 jointings and 240 sheetings).While I was in a hurry – well, it became clear I added cobalt to wrong building…

One player was hutning for rare resources. A pity, I could not aid him, since had only 1 of these. And was really afraid to go for hunting: enemies, Bloodskulks, are really powerfull. They aggro, they cast lots of spells and hurt badly. That player, ranged powerfull class, died three times. I offered my help, but there was little we could do: enemies would go after healer and I would earn more death points. Let us hope, next time I would of more use.

Lord of the rings online

Logged in, took hobbit presents, talked a bit in Kinship chat. Fortunately, have 3 gold worth presents, so could pay for house rental.

And so the day has ended, nice and busy in Istaria. I was satisfied and life was just nice.