Our plot in Heather is doing very good, I was working initially on easy materials: cobalt and maple. Thanks to our Falathien plot, things are very easy with cobalt. I made some long runs, grinding  stff when one Guild member asked for help.

Yes, same plot in Parsinia, 2 expert crafting structures needing aid. Rushed there immediately, but ther was little I could help. Cobalt, maple – yes. obsidian – I thought yes, but was outperformed by one player. Rest were tier 6 materials I am ineffective with or materials I could not even craft. So, made few runs, finished aiding 1 building and left few job for another.

Currently I am aiding “only’ 2 plots while I have many others to help with. As long as it is metal and stone up to tier 5, I have no problem. Weaving and Essence structuring are problematic.

Meanwhile we are almost competing with aiding. Parsinia plot – ran there only to meet one veteran players helping with obsidian. He aided with such speed that I was impressed.. Later he told he was crtafting some 12 hours a day and filling one silo after another with…obsidian bricks.

My virtual life does have meaning in Istaria. I may help others, I can help others and even if I build 20% of building, it’s still something.

Lord of the rings online

Missed Kinship time, when we, big players, were destined to aid others, but looks like we have only big levels now…Was running in Bree, when saw one player, who asked to follow him and get on the roof of vault in Bree. I ran where he did…and to no results.

Turbine announced server merge, something ruling 100 playerss were asking for. I don’t think it’s a good idea. Too many players would have problems with their names, unless these are super-unique, like “I watered my flowers yesterday’ in Babylonian. What happens with housing which is paid? No answers, just kick in the …(Jennifer Lopez’s best part of the body, you know): go away! Turbine is kicking its own players, especially free casual ones.

One may only ask: when will bad news from Turbine end? We have hardcore content and it gets more hard each update, we are depenedant upon random numbers – each time more we have mindless grind in the name of grind – each time more and more, now we are just losing servers.

And so the weekend has ended: very good in Istaria and bad one in Lotro. Wonder, would things ever change to good site in Middle Earth?