We have a new plot in Heather and almost all helpers are there to make things faster. Vault is constructed, teleporter nearby – time to work.

I grinded come stuff, started cobalt runs at Falathien: now cobalt is very easy to farm. I aided one single structure, Clothworking one. Then did some Oak job. Our bets player also is active aiding (if not him, half of buildings would have never be completed).

Talked with one Guild member about armour. She sent me screenshots abotu her armour and I will discuss how to construct me something like this, for level 100. Sometghing that I won’t feel a bit squishy. But hey, my Cleric is a good healer after all…

Crafting is going just superb with my cargo pet. Faster, more effective.

Lord of the rings online

No activity whatsoever, just some discussion in World chat about champion role and taking Hobbit presents.

Tomorrow there is Kin time, when high levels are destined to aid lower ones. Problems with some instance? Too hard slayer deed? Unsafe road? No problems, we have many top level players that would clear any road, stomp any boss to  the ground and aid with whatever can be aided.

And so the day has ended – good enough in Istaria.