Was harvesting all the day.First, our Guild mate plot near Parsinia: added last tier 2 stuff, leaving only essences (I am not too good with them). Then, switched to Obsidian. Working with the cargo pet is a pure joy and thigns just go much, much faster. Faster crafting –>more effective grind–>happy NaktiesKarys.

One of most known players finished one silo at our Guild plot and left another one for me to finish. No one could ever outperform that player both in knowledge and in the speed of helping. A walking knowledge, i have to admit.

We talked about need of our plot at one location. There used to be a plot, but now is none. One Guild member is thinking about purchasing. The only thing I asked for was combination of teleporter and vault nearby. Just a small vault to make helping….more effective.

Lord of the rings online

Logged in for Hobbits presents, talked a bit and logged off.

And so the day has ended – quite good in Istaria, with my cargo pet Scarlet Johansson.