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Naktieskarys started his mithril grind. There was a moment when we had little players in Universal Soldiers chat – I asked one very friendly Dragon to explain more about festival pet. A wolf, used to carry things (non- combat) with some 2500 capacity. You can teleport with him and he does not slow you up, like cargo disk does. Usefull  thing to have.

The problem were the components sounding like “mumbo-yumbo”, “yumbo-yumbo”. Something weird, then I had to follow some NPC and one player complained he wasn’t able… My Dragon explained in short, we went to resort (yes, Istaria has official resorts), took a teleporter to Winter festival location (kind of Frostbluff v.2.0).

Yes, there was a gnome with her pet wolf, she gave me the quest, list of mumbo-yumbas. Then, Dragon just gave all that components, I crafted 5 muffins and got to “follow story”. I.e. – waited waited..untill nothing happened. Talked one more time and wolf was mine.

I gave him nice name. Meet Gediminas, my pet wolf. Gediminas – a grand duke ogf Lithuania. Legend tells he once hunted, then got  abit lost, slept min the forest and had a dream of an iron woilf that howled. Priests explained him this mean – a capital should be built there and it will be famous one. Thus, Vilnius, the current capital, was born. Obviously, my wolf has such a proud name.

To make things better, my Dragon gave me really valuably gifts: 18 tokens of loyalty. Each month paying customers receive 1, os she just gave me 1,5 years worth of. Told what to purchase – and I am the owner of a good cargo disk + one more pet. Black widow spider pet, spooky looking, but it can carry more, some 5000.

Thus Scarlet Johansson was born, she now runs after me and collects all ore I harvest. Hey, having a private army of celebrities that serve is fun, isn’t it?

Then we had some 6-7 hours maintenance (it re-introduced shrine in newbie area, hurray). I tried what carg opet meant in real grind, obsidian one. Jeez, it meant speeding up things by at least 40%. Pet could hold 2 types of cargo, so if it uses 50% of, say, obsidian bricks, it can still hold obsidian ore. harvesting was very efficient, I managed to greatly help one player’s plot (thought it was finished: nope, still one crafting facility and 1 silo). Things were going superb and will be superb with new pet.

Lord of the rings online

Was happy enough to aid one player: initially in Lone lands, fighting some monsters, then he asked for power-levelling. We did Tuckoborough, I shing-shinged everything.

Stormsong aided one lvl.60s group in Sixteenth Hall, acting as healer. I ran, did not fight, only healed, sometimes myself. Few players died, some were resurrected by me. Overall, I felt good with my heals. They were effective, I think.

Aided one runekeeper (same lvl. 60s) in two instances. He was after equipment, so we just ran through content. Things were pretty easy, except stuns. But – no one died, no problems were faced.

Joked a bit in Kin chat about Tarlang’s crown and my own approach towards it.

And so the day has ended – really happy one, no grumpyness, just being good at what I am good:helping others. Just exciting day in Istaria and Lotro.