Naktieskarys was active with mithril. So far, it is the most effective tier 5 resource: 2 motherlodes if you are happy to have them unguarded; some rich lodes and walking nodes – Boulder golems. I crafted maybe some 400 jointings, ~300 sheetings…

and at some moment I left my toon harvest motherlode, 2 golems came and killed. had to retreat and take precautions. As a result – still am not able to craft Jointings at effective rate.

Nevertherless, I am aiding silos at Falathien as fast as I can. Have written down what else I need: 750 marble blocks (~11.000 bricks), some 600 marble keystones (12.000 bricks), then some 740 obsidian blocks (~11.000 bricks) and ~480 obsidian keystones (~9600 bricks). One run is some 2000 bricks at the best.

In Universal Soldiers chat we joked about golems, me asking if there was a way to persuade them to unguard Motherlode. People told – kill them. I took different, more humanistic approach. Like – make them perma-killed, reduce them to the size of rat or give command in Golemish: get the *** out from the *** motherlode, you ***! Then one more joke about killing them.

One friend went to hunt mithril golems. Lucky for me, he hunted at “my” plot – so golems, guarding valuable Motherlode, were killed, i was able to:
a) harvest as much as I need;
b) heal friend if golem damaged him. To tell the truth, was satisfied about both actions.

Tried to help another friend to get some greater ghost stuff. No results, just trash loot which was sold for 10 silver.

Our Falathien plot is doing – so far, so good. People built crafting structures, Guildhouse is some 40% finished and I have been working on silos.

Lord of the rings online

Logged in, checked Hobbits presents, talked a bit in Kinship chat. Someone in the World channel wanted to do lvl.61 Skimirsh, but untill I went to sleep, no action happened. Kinship almost instantly oirganizes Gondor runs – one could feel weird if there is a moment without them. However, nothing for my toon to do.

And so, the day has ended – splendid in sunny, green Istaria.