Still without proper internet connection – even Youtube runs slowly, so no game for at least two more loooong days.

At – asking about Guild Wars 2. This game is in a ‘risky zone’, it’s buy-to-pay. No trial, nothing – buy or get out. Some players are telling this is not complex and I should be ok there.

And speaking about complexity – Lotro comes in mind. We have 3 trait trees with possible tens of thousands combinations there. We have legendary traits. We have race traits. We have legendary item skills. And to make things worse, we have Big Battles trait trees. I could add mount trait theree, but let us presume it is under “LI” stuff. As well as currency: simple copper-silver-gold. Advanced:mithril. And then plethora of festival/special events currencies plus barter items.

Guild Wars 2 is complex in the quest thing. Long long chain of quests, each having some choices, like force some soldier to accedt you or patiently explain.

The question is simple: should I give GW2 a try with my bucks when I finally get a job?

And meanwhile – no job, no internet, no Lotro…just waiting.