Naktieskarys is now running back and forwards, crafting things, puting them to vault, then adding to structures. Job is going almost exceptionally well. I just pick up good locations, sometimes – harvest golems (walking rich nodes) and make a quick run to the vault to deposit things.

I am helped my some friends too. One player (probably mentioned it) was kind enough to let me use her own mithril bars. She was levelling some crafting school and gained xp from bars only. TheseĀ  2000 bars were crucial for me. My Guild member’s plot near Parsinia – it is hjelped by some other players too. One day I saw there was no sandstone added, I rushed to grind..and when returned it was clear, I had 44 keystones surplus. Someone added, probably even gained xp.

Yesterday the last tier 2 silo on that plot was finished. but not before game did one joke for me. My 102 iron jointings that I crafted, just disappeared. They became…6 jointings. I am not sure if I should start a support ticket. After all, i re-grinded these.

Meanwhile Guild and her friends are busy with our plot at Falathien. I have lots of job there too, almost all of this job is very time consuming (obsidian, marble, yew). But I have to do it.

We chatted and joked in Guild chat, about Dragons, bipeds, even Dryads or about grind. Atmosphere was relaxing one and I really feel happy and usefull in Istaria world.

Lord of the rings online

Naktieskarys, later – Vytautaz – logged in, took Hobbit presents (last time – 1 gold worth coin purse), chatted in World and Kin chat. Almost nothing to do. Kinship is active with Pelargir, organizing Big Battles. World chat is sometimes active with lvl.100 activities – something I feel the weakiest one in Middle Earth. One kinnie soloed Rift and to my dismay he was a Champion. How on Earth could that be possible if I saw few raids being wiped out? I also talked about Gondor with my negative approach about it. To make things worse, it’s a totally RNG teritory. You fight, then you get random things and you could be forced to fight untill RNG finally gives you something of any value. These things are not for me. For lotteries I have real life (some of them are even connected to charities). Game is not a lottery, an idea to get rid off RNG was proposed at Lotro forums many times – and each time no one listened.

Kinship tried to seduce me to Gondor, we joked a bit, yet my answer about gondors would always remain one and the same: never. Well, unless Turbine gives me free boost to some level 400…

And so the weekend has ended – happy, busy (grindy) in Istaria.