While real life goes not so good – life in Istaria is going pretty well. I am working for our Guild plot in Falathien. Yesterday managed to solo 600 cobalt jointings and 250 sheetings. That’s really many runs, but at the end, I managed to add all cobalt to 3 storage silos. There is still job to do – I will manage it.

Helped one high-levelled friend. He was hunting Yew treants and Oastics, all lvl.70s. Treants are not too bad, unless you run into Enraged one. Oastics are. They have good attacks and they self-heal (well, like treants). I worked as cover-up for my Elemental Archer and as healer (we, Clerics, are good healers). “Inviting” enemy, then doing all damage I can, self-healing and healing friend. One time, while i fought 2 or 3 oastics, I died and was too in a hurry to recall. But I returned and we continued our fight. At least friend did not die – I was hurt heavily.

It was fun, i was in combat and kind of usefull. Of course, my perfomance is to be discussed, but healings were good.

As usually, we chatted, joked in Guild chat. Starting from my “peacefull” approach about golems, ending with problems sin some Guilds. When i told I felt lazy, people were really surprised: “Nak is lazy? huuh?”. Looks like I am of some use to others there.

Lord  of the rings online

NaktiesKarys was happy enough to help one player to kill Bogbereth – an overgown spider in grumpy Angmar. I instructed lvl.40s Champion and Hunter: if problems, run to me, not from me; allow me to get crowds, because I am AoE champion. We hunted spiderlings, then one bigger spider came and finally – Miss Bogbereth herself. it was time for my attacks, shings-shings, our archer did some damage. Champion suffered some damage (maybe 50% health), but at the end we were victorious.

Later helped one lvl.20 to run The Maze. There were him (lvl.20s), one Minstrel (lvl.70s) and me. Minstrel was more than enough, but at least we had some fun. I sold loot and even posted lame lootbox on the auction. To my surprise, someone paid 500 silver for lame, useless thing. Good for me, it’s upkeep for my house – entire 3 weeks.


And so two days were over. I was satisfied, happy and feeling useufull. Life was really good in istaria, even in Lotro.