My endgame looks much like a war planning. Writing down, calculating, then marking what is done and how much is left. Sheets of paper on the table with things like “marble keys 150 150”. then strikethrough, “50 150″…and alike.

I enjoy crafting, enjoy aiding others and especially – enjoy structures appear and serve someone (or community).

Yesterday was a marble day. I waas running, killing Marble golems, harvesting marble untill there was no mkore space, then making marble bricks untill I had no more space…and with ~2000 bricks running to vault. Made several runs this way, got ~8000 bricks. it allowed co construct 500 marble blocks and I could make 34 marble keystones.

I thought before adding: did i calculate everything right? What if I needed some 100 blocks more?  Buit moment of grinding truth was a good one – my calculations were precise, now 2 “my” silos will soon be finished. One more crafting, 5320 bricks – and job is done.

Then there would be rest, like crafting cobalt or maple or mithril. Or aiding lower-lvl plots with easier materials.

Lord of the rings online

Logged in, received and destroyed Hobbits present. Chatted a bit. Logged off.


And so the dya has ended – I felt satisfied with my own will to grind. The days are bright in Istaria 9at loeast for my main, not clone…)