Crafting, running for obsidian once again. I was a bit ashamed that I rushed into other plots and abandoned Guild one. So – run for obsidian. One run – 92 keystones, second run – some 90. That was more than enough to add (needed some 174) to 2 silos.

I thought about cargo armour – and the only I had was with +Lumbering, i..e not suitable. But wait, there is Cargo armour! And sicne I have armourer…However, Armourer does not do this. Tinkerer does and my Tinkerer was too low – level 31 instead of 46-50.

All crafting aside, switched to Tinkerer and started mithril runs. Run,. harvest, deposit to vault, later use some 3000-4000 mithril bars to construct and deconstruct tools. This way reached level 42.

It was just one, but big mistake:mining cobalt and constructing-deconstructing Cobalt tools. Gained almost no xp and wasted much time. As a “repayment” – crafted some Cobalt jointings and added to one silo. At least some use from me.

We chatted in Guild chat, joked, even about Lotro world (“What would Gendalf say?” – asked one player; myu answer – “Evil Gendalf would say -where there is a whip, there is way”) or me (I: “Going to sleep. Pray i do not dream about cobalt and mithril…”), discussed buildings. My uneasy feelings about need to help few plots at the same time…and actual ability yo aid only one.

Lord of the rings online

As usually, nothing. Log in, receive low-value Hobbit gift, talk a bit, check almost worthless World chat (the only interesting thing is that some players do Roving Threads), log off.

And so the day has ended – good in Istaria; levels growing up quickly once again.