Once again – crafting. One player is building a plot with storage facilities for his own use. Somehow he managed to get so many things they overflood his vault by some 150%. He has built about 10 silos, now Guildhouse and 2 houses are on the move. One house is finished. I started with Guildhouse. Took granite, because it was fast and soon another player volunteered to aid with granite. OK, I chose keystones, he chose blocks. Soon I was finished with my part. Then, went to grind oak:  270 braces and 270 timbers. Somehow I calculated only 170…and had to make an additional run. Finally, did a bit of steel. My part was done.

Mining steel is a problem for me. There are public silos, expert structures…and no vault nearby. One is hidden so well I am not able to find entrance for almost a year. Another is very far from road. This makes my crafting half-effective.

We also talked about New Trismus and found it may be too difficult for new players. Too risky strategy for little game. Also, took some adult talk about bdsm and this related things.

Lord of the rings online

As always – nothing to do. Log in, take Hobbit present, read mail, talk in chat, ask in vain if anyone needs help, log off. This time- Kin mail. Roving threads, already too powerfull, were over-powered once more. I wish developers create lvl.40 toon and then try to fight with the best non-legendary, non-reputation equipment. Interesting, how many seconds would they last versus nemesis type lvl.100 monster?

Talked a bit in a World chat. Someone was asking for sturdy keys, i had some 12…and no will to give away at least one. Whyam I preserving these? No idea. i do not fight, hence I do not get any lootbox, but I do not need in-game gold for these too. Also, met once super-optimistic person talking like “nothing could outperform Lotro for me”. Oh, you just wait for some 5 years, when Lotro will become extreme hardcore, pay-to-win – then that person would change his/her mind.

And so the day has ended, grumpy in real world, almost optimistic in Istaria.