once again was on maintenance. Somehow they manage to maintain 2 servers for at least 4 hours. One server reported to have hardware issues, other – unclear. I made some “y-tree” (yew tree) job…and no play for rets of the day.

Lord of the rings online

Most of time had nothing to do. Then, one lvl.45 player asked for help in Angmar. i volunteered, one lvl.100 Loremaster came too. Of course, my tiny lousy champion (most useless class ever) was no match for ranged attacks of Loremaster and his pet. One Dragon and horde of his pets were killed quickly, then we farmed another location.

Loremaster was player I knew from Edhel-Annon. he’s still is EA, still same good friendly fellow. Nice meeting, some chatting – I was really happy.

Once again there was a talk about me in Kinship chat. About lack of lvl.100 first age Legendary weapon. But I do not need it. When i thought I needed – first age symbol was almost impossible to get. Now I have no need, since I do no fighting in lvl.90-100 areas.

World chat was full of flame wars, unwise discussion “why me is not allowed to speak my language instead of English”? If they would think about common sense, they would realise English was the language everyone could communicate. For French and German we have their own servers. instead of this we had long long flame wars, fruitless and hopeless.

And so the day has ended.