Finally visited revamped New Trismus that took almost 2 days to update (on 3 servers). The once green and nice lands are under siege by a horde of monsters. Skeletons and some fat uglies patrolling barricades near city. Wolves and even spiders lurking for crafters at the other end. Evil, strange black tress growing outside and even some dar fortresses constructed. The town is burned, consigners fled, Shrine destroyed. Luckily, we have trainers there, we have teleporter pad.

Some NPCs were relocated too, some new quests added. I did noit explore full territory, but what I saw was interesting. I run into Blight Anchor, lvl. 13 with some 23.000 health. It was a problem for me and  all newbies in Istaria could not defeat it:maybe developers should consider NOT to spawn such thingsa in newbie lands? Anyway, green and inviting New Trismus is gone. We have Archet v.2.0, just with trainers, some crafting structures and without weeping citizens.

Meanwhile, Naktieskarys was really busy. Our plot in Falathien is being helped by others, so structures are advancing. Sometimes we even compete whou would add resources first. Now we have Blachsmith crafting structure, vault and 2 silos open. I work on 2 more silos and one top-player  – on another crafting structure and few silos. Also, managed to help another player with his plot: low level 9tier 20 silos. Managed to help finish 3 of them. Things were really easy, just run and harvest. Also, was happy enouggh to craft socketed tool for another player. Unlike Lotro, socketed things work greatly.

I found my own endgame in Istaria and it is not raiding. It is simple fact of helping others. 2 big plots, needing tons of stuff. Then some lesser plots needing attention too. Of course, I am satisfied when they call me “[craft] grinding machine”.

Lord of the rings online

As always, almost no activity. Log in, take Hobbit presents, chat a bit, ask if anyone needs help, no one needs, log off.


And so the long weekend has ended. I have entered new battlefield in Istaria, felt relaly lucky there. The life of Istarian endgame is nice once again.