was (and probably is) on maintenance. I think it is almost top achievement, to patch 2 little servers for 2 days.

Lords of the rings online

No activity, as always, just prolonged chatting (Istaria still offline) with kinnies. I share my pessimistic views about my class (Champion is really impressive, spectacular shing-shing that is good for spectacular reasons) and Lotro. I have nothing more to do. Improve abilities, get super-duper armour/weapon – no reason to do so, I am not going to fight anything. Get all available content – but I have everything up to Gondor Number 1, and after Gondor I am not purchasing any region. Do deeds – but I have done all doable ones and see no reason to grind. Turbine points became so hard to get, I cannot think about purchasing anything from the store.

Kinnies are more optimistic, but I do not share this optimism. Later had one strange talk with a kinnie who talked abotu some conspiracy from Illuminati and Freemasons against God to steal our souls.


And so the day has ended – dull and grumpy.