Naktieskarys started his day with good news: mour Guild plot at Falathien is started! Arrived there immediately: location is very good, close everything one could think: silos, vault. In our plot, small vault, expert shops, silos are planned.

I started aiding vault immediately. Things were going very fast: my high skills in Gatherer school allows crafting almost without problems. wood, metal, stone – everything is good for me at Expert level. Weaving and Essence structuring is not that nice, but still good. At the end of the day, vault was almost complete. From all things I did not add slate blocks and keystones + vault permit.

The vault was over, I was really excited. To solo one structure, almost without help – it’s just a blessing (and vault is really needed). Now I can start helping Guild plot faster.

Falathien proved to be effective spot: my radical views like ‘this is nonsense’ were wrong. But one is to admit his mistakes to move forward.

Guild chat was full of talks, jokes (especially about my “grumpyness”). I am really satisfied there. So many nice people, so many people I could help. I do have end game – and this means tons of crafting materials, running and aiding other people. i see people who are more than willing to aid others, i see superb housing system.

Today Istaria will be down for a new live patch: New trismus would be burned, crafting structures there -destroyed and alike. I don’t think it’s a good idea, but developers do what all developers do:make changes without thinking about commuity.

Lord of the rings online

Nothing much to do: Naktieskarys ran through Barad Gularan, killed remaining Angmarim/Hillmen, earned 20 Turbine points and looted tons of task items for Vytautaz.


And so the day has ended – exciting in Istaria, mediocre in Lotro.