NaktiesKarys was running all the time. Grinding marble, obsidiain, cobalt and finally evil trees “yews”. Why evil? Because they spell same like “you”. When our plot owner told me – “I am in yew [territory]”, all chat laughed.

I am really satisfied with my own activity. It gives me purpose. No, it’s not “end-game activity” like most players imagine – but for me it is real end-game. I can go and kill almost any harvestable monster (golems are sometimes called “walking crafting nodes”). Go to almost any territorry where I need to harvest, my skills at almost all main building schools are top ones. So I can freely help any plot in Istaria.

Yesterday alone I spent some 2 hours grinding cobalt – only to add 200 cobalt jointings. That’s some 4000 cobalt bars –>8000 cobalt ore. And each node gives ~100 ore.  Yet – more and more silos spawn at this mega-plot.

Lord of the rings online

Stormsong and Vytautaz used all of task items and now are inactive. Naktieskarys logged in, mostly to take Hobbit presents and read Kin mails.

We had two kinnies expelled for extreme begging, like “gimme this”, “gimme gold”, “gimmie that”. Asking for help is good, begging all the time is bad.

And yesterday we had a big Sarnur run. I was lucky to be first  to help – before another lvl.100 joined. We ran, we killed many things, I was really satisfied with my AoE damage – how I could “invite” trolls, Dourhands into crowd and shing-shing them. Then another lvl.100 joined, he one-shotted anything, thus making me understand how weak my Champion is.  Anyway, we killed great many trolls, snowbeasts, worms,. Dourhands and named monsters, some of us completed their slayer deeds.

Then I had to log off for some sleep. These runs were what I call “activity” – non-lvl. 100 or Gondor/Big Battles things. Things where I can be of some help.

And so weekend has ended, finally in some good activity, even in Lotro. Days were good once again, even in Lotro.