Went to take a look at so pver-advertised cobalt fields near Felathien. Well, they are not very effective – far more distant than near Dralk, absolutely no crafting instance near the field. Harvesting there is ineffective.

And then i realised I had no wish to grind for some grindy resource like marble, cobalt, obsidian. Harvested few thousands or mithril ore…only to realise I had no use of mithril. People advice levelling armourer or anything of that kind.

Lord of the rings online

Yet another downgrade was installed. I asked if anyone read what is this about – no one had. I do not doubt it downgarded/nerfed something, it is Lotro after all.

My toons turned in task items and that was the only action to take.

And so the day has ended – a dull, useless and boring day in Istaria.