My maple program is finally almosty over. Days of grinding, running forward and backward – are over. I have helped all the silos with maple and now look for some other activity. Yesterday started grinding yew – yes, it’s snot so easy mode as maple, yet doable.

Met one Guild member who was on the run for same yew. Luckily, we were harvesting in a different areas.

I looked at the plot – and there is much to do. Cobalt is not done on almost all buildings. Evil obsidian – too. These are most time consuming things, but I will try to grind them too. Paraphrasing French monarchy slogan – “A program has ended, long live the program”.

Lord of the rings online

Logged in Stormsong, took her to Snowbourn and used task items. These give experience, so I could be able to advance her. What’s the point of advancing – I do not know, since there is no more activity in Lotro for me.


And so the day has ended – a bit busy, a bit good.