Everquest 2

Naktieskarys quested in newbie territory (sorry, bad at names). Some quests were done and then..and then i had quests out of the map. Somewhere. Map was of no use, so I used one “gate”.

I emerged into some “blah blah City of Hate”, started some quests…and suddenly felt alone. Almost no players nearby. Crafting was pure fail; Weaponsmith had no recipes/formulas, only items and formulas did not drop from monsters, they were not sold at merchants. Opened my crafting book – nothing again, empty. How on Earth was I supposed to craft? The only posisble answer – to finish one quest in starter area maybe. But then, i had zero clue where to mine certain resources – and there was noo hint even in local wiki.

Everquest seemed…deserted. To make things worse, I could not use a chat. Maybe it’s time to leave this game?


Naktieskarys continued harvesting Cobalt and adding to the big plot. Now working with 2 storage silos – they require lots of resources, including obsidiian, marble, cobalt (and sometimes yew). One kinnie confessed to have a plot, so I would look what could I do.

Lord of the rings online

Just chatting with kinnies, taking Hobbit presents, paying for house upkeep.

And so the day has ended: good only in Istaria. I still can’t find any “replacement game”.