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Everquest II

My wizard continued her journey, fighting with monsters and game controls. Still do not know what is worse, though…Alternate advancement is a bit pain in the neck. Hotkey bars not so easy to customize and community…well, community does not shine so far.

However, I am starting to like gameplay. They do have regions of quests marked with some cyan colour. They have plenty of quests (yes, captain Obvious, hence the game name). And my possibly under-equipped lvl.10 toon does not die against two lvl.7-8 monsters. My attacks are efficient, though not so nuking as Minstrel’s in Lotro.

Now I am redirected to some city. I am accepting all quests, although morality of some are…doubtable (like – to force NPCs to sign a contract). I accepted them, maybe it’s not what Lotro with Inn and Bear league has?

Unfortunately, had to throw out almost all crafting components, at least for lvl.1-9. So far, no recipe and crafters sell weapons only. No recipes/formulas even from loot. Soon I will probably be eligible for housing and need to grind for money.

Well, EQ2 may replace Lotro for me…


Naktieskarys was very effective with cobalt and Obsidian. Later ran to grind 120 Marble keystones. Aided few more structures…and them long maintenance began. When it was over, it was evening and I really wanted to have some sleep. Checked what plot needed – same huge amounts of cobalt, obsidian, maple, sometimes – yew. In short – I have much work to do and I will do it with pleasure.

Lord of the rings online

As always, stood in Thorins Hall, took Hobbit presents, chatted with kinnies. There was too little activity and unfortunately, no one neededd my aid. So, just a few talks, kinnies telling me to try ESO when they go free-to-play.

And so the day has ended, it was really good in Istaria and Everquest2.