Naktieskarys spent his day gathering cobalt and later – obsidian. Cobalt was going very good, silo was empty (but I took all my stuff out of there before logging off). Then switched to obsidian. Initially failed to locate crafting structure and thought developers just took it off. Later found and – and crafting was effective. Obsidian takes more time than cobalt, but it is not so evil.

Updates are announced. New Trismus, first newbie town, is to experience some changes. Basically, it would be Lotro’s Archet v.2.0. Structures will be replaced with burned versions, no crafting structures within town, shrine relocated. Why do this – God knows (but typically does not tell). If I was developer, I would stick to the policy that any update should upgrade, not downgrade life of a player.

Bright side:will have to take a look at New Trismus after changes, since new quests are announced too. Mor quests –> more fun.

Lord of the rings online

As usually, no play, just chat with kinnies. I can be frank with them in my scepticism about the game. How I feel game is going to wrong direction and there is no place for people like me. How I see Lotro’s future (basically like one of Istaria: some 100-200 very loyal and paying customers, few servers).

And so the day has ended. Helping plot is going very fast in Istaria – this means the day has been good.