Well, here we go: a game that influenced Istaria. Folks promise tons of quests, so let’s go. Character creation: forget customization. Graphic: Istaria type, sometimes maybe worse. Controls: almost no-existent. Want to speak to NPC? Click, then type “/h”. Wanna exit? type “/camp” or “exit”, no such thing as button. Quests bestow in some light blue screen that is painfull to read. Window is overflown with various windows. Startup and exit mean you are presented with cash shops/subscription ads. During gameplay you are reminded to “upgrade your toon” etc.

I managed to walk my red-haired clone-looking female Wizar. First battle – and I had nothing to do against some Kobold. Was slained immediately. No button for attack, no abilities, no ranged attack – nothing at all, save tiny melee atatack with some second-handed dagger.

The game does have something familiar and if only it had any signs of UI – it could be playable. Now, it’s 99% uncontrolable. You want to receive quest, but voe to you if you forget “/h”. Buttons are evil, customization almost non-existent. Yet it reminds Istaria: only for this reason I do no uninstall it.


NaktiesKarys crafted slate and contributed to low-level plot.

Lord of the rings online

Standard task item turn-in amd log off.

And so the day has ended. Very weird one with a game that has zero controls and yet that game had something…