Naktieskarys was a bit lazy – switched to Enchanter and helped one low-level plot with Pale essence sources and spheres. It mean a long grind with not-too-effective Enchanter…but at the end I grew up a few levels and heleped the plot.

To make things more funny: i wrote down what resources were needed. Came with 108 Pale essence sources…and it became clear they were not needed. Someone else ninja-helped or I forgot – not sure. Had to help another plot then.

The low level plot is almost ready to be finished. Some iron, slate, sandstone work remains and all buildings would be intact. A nice feeling, have to admit.

Lord of the rings online

Task items turn in, then NaktiesKarys was lucky to craft some weapons for kinnie.

And so the day has ended. It was a good one in Istaria.