Naktieskarys was a passive one. I went to Fabric Isle, grinded Ironsilk all day long. Harvest, run to vault, deposit, repeat…and so untill some 14.000 unspoon silk were gathered. When I have enough of these, I will return to Weaver school and get tons of xp.

Talked with one Dragon about helping her with her crafting. So far she needs little resources – will start doing today. I was thinking about huge quantities of problematic things (like 2000 cobalt/obsidiain bricks).

Grinding marble is good, of course and I will help others with that…but sometimes I need fresh air. Besides, one day I will need to max up my  Weaver from lvl.43 to level 100.

Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz ran out of task items, now stands in Bree. Windstorms ended task items in Trollshaws, now uses all she can in Esteldin.


And so the day has ended-  quiet and a bit lazy in Istaria.