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A new mmorpg that folks reccomended. 25 Gigabytes client – thanks to developers, there was a torrent download. Long time to install. Finally- it is there, let’s try. Races – human, the…pandas, then some fat goat-men and, no doubt, elves (no Dwarves though).

Ok , let’s go as Human female. No body customization. Face can be, hairstyle and hair colour, as well as voice. Body can’t be changed, you are not different from others there.

Classes: several melee, several ranged. Chose ranged one, forgot how it was named: one that attacks with disk and is considered to be “Tera’s mobile artilery”. Proved to be mediocre, at least at lvl.3. Second class was archer and it was superior – almost no chance to engage in melee combat. Range is not that far, but still good. Third class was some self-healing half-ranged one. Was quickly defeated by on-level monster. Disk thrower proved to be not too good too, was killed quickly.

Controls: this is where all you knew about controls is either of no interest or harmfull. No tabbed targeting. To interact, press “F” – it activates dialogues with NPCs, it picks items. If not your monster dropped something – you see, but can’t get (“It is not yours”). To typoe in chat, you need to pres “Enter” first, then text.

There were lots of newbies in newbie area. Chats were half-clean, no harrases to my girl, but at the same time – no invites like it  was in times I played Lotro. Characters are influenced by anime.

I tried to play and finally uninstalled. Not sure what was Terra lacking. Maybe my expectations (to have equivalent of Lotro’s Misntrel) were too high, maybe anime style (not one I like), maybe clumpsy controls and the fact you are too easily killed while “mobile artillery” is just a light armoured target for monsters.


Game went on maintenance. I grinded Marble, needed some 400 marble keystones (wich means 8000 Marble bricks, i.e. 16.000 marble slabs). Many many runs forward and backward. Still I managed to add these…and have great many Marble work.

Of course, it is grind, yet I feel satisfaction from helping others (I gain no xp from that). One day I will need a break and maybe would level up other crafting schools or create a mule toon.

Talked in Guild chat, also with one friendly Dragon. Looks like I  could aid Dragon with the lair, though have no ideas what materials could be needed.

I have lots of helping job ahead. Hope I will find inspiration to finish it…

Lord of the rings online

Usual task items turn in, checking Hobbits presents, logging off. While Istaria was on maintenance, chatted in Kinship chat. Windstorms used almost all Rivendell and Lossoth reputation items. I had to hurry before developers abolishes them (which will happen soon, I believe).

And so the day has ended with pandas, elves, Xena-type disk throwers and gridning marble. Day in Istaria has been very succesfull.