NaktiesKarys was busy with crafting. Running forward and backward, avoiding monsters (in Istaria they may attack no matter the level)…untill I met other player in “my” marble fields. We were near the esame facility doing the same job using the same stratgey. I tried to harvest, but saw no point and left.

My kinnie’s plot has some 30 structures to do. And each structure means some 150 marble keys, 250 marble blocks, 200 cobalt jointings, 120 cobalt sheetings and 100 yet timbers. Not talking about obsidian which is near Dralk and almost no vault nearby. A lot of of work, yet I will do my best to aid.

Finally, my Mason has reached level 100. Now, have to level up a Weaver (which is still lvl.43). This is the next aspect Istaria shines: multiclassing. You can finish every single crafting school and finally be self-proficient.

Talked with one friendly Dragon. Looks she was surprised by my will to grind. When I give examples from Lotro, she tells she couldn’t grind that much. I do have patience for grinding, the main thing is reason why do I grind. In Istaria it is clear: helping others.

Lord of the rings online

Standard action: log in Windstorms, turn in taskboard items, take hobbit present; log in Vytautaz, turn in taskboard items. At teh end of the day – log in Naktieskarys, talk to Kinship, log off.

And so the day has ended. I was a bit tired, yet really enjoyed my runs in Istaria. The day has been very good in Istaria.