Naktieskarys was active grinding various things. Trandalar:Acul for dark iron (steel bars–>steel sheetings and steel jointings). Then – visit to Marble golems (marble bricks –> marble bloks and keystones). Harvesting untill I have no place, then running to the vault, depositing…and running back. A few runs later – adding items to the buildings. Lucky for me, there is one plot nearby that needs tons of marble blocks/keystones. I added as much as I could, but there is more work to do. Some 30 storage silos, each requiring 250 marble blocks and 150 keystones. That means lots of work. Even if I could create a crafting bot, 24 hours per day won’t be enough.

And there are few other plots that need help. I will do my best to aid them.

Talked with Guild members about helping and some our members. One of the best Guild players, Disintergrate_u, has left Istaria some 1 year ago. A pity, he was one of the best, always knowing everything, always organizing runs, always ready to help. One friendly Dragon left too. Fortunately for me, there are still many friends from good old times.

I am happy with Istaria. It has perfect free-to-play model (all regions free, all main features free, no restriction with quests/deeds). I am happy to help others with their plots or just go with Dragons and let my Cleric support them with heals/resurrections. There are no obligatory quests that requrie huge fellowship with little chance to succeed. Istaria is so peacefull and nice.

Lord of the rings online

Logged in, turned in task items. Checked Hobbit presents. Talked with Kinship. Kinnies are sure many players will leave “thanks” to (de facto) abolishing of reputation items. Others are openly stating tier 2 instances are almost impossible now. I try to explain:I am not against raiders/pvp’ers. I am just  for a roght to choose. If there is enemy – please give realistic chance to solo it. And a chance to form fellowship. Or a raid. Or a triple tier 4 raid. Give me chance to choose, do not make forced content. But developers want me out and I agree. My toon are no more active.

And I can clearly tell what is going to happen to Lotro within next 7 years. I mean, by the 31st December 2022, if Lotro is still online: there would be no ways to earn Turbine points in game, only way would be to buy; there would be  no free to play (or a very short trial, like 48 hours or up to level 15); game would become pay-to-play or (more likely) pay-to-win; there would be no more solo content, only fellowship/raid; reputation items and task board items would be abolished.

Well, as one song said – “it must have been love, but it’s over now”. Bye-bye, Lotro, I will visit you occasionally.


And so the day has ended. I am very satisfied with acitivty in Istaria, with helpingh others, chatting with old friends. Sun does shine bright for me in Istaria (unlike grumpy skies of Mordor Lotro).