Lord of the rings online

My tango with Lotro. Almost all my feelings – in first verse. I never thought I would leave so soon. But the life in Lotro becomes simply unbearable. Yes, i will go, will use taskboard items (before they get abolished too), take Hobbit presents (mostly tot rash them), pay for house upkeep. Nothing more, I have nothing more to do.

All thanks to developers, I would not purchase anything from Lotro store. Shared vault? Since reputation items are no more, I don’t need it. Additional toons? Since TP grind is almost gone, I don’t need it. Crystals, scrolls? No, since there is no need for me in them.

I talked in Kin chat. Kinship is the only thing that still holds me there, in these empty lands with empty regional chats.


Meanwhile in Istaria I was enjoying crafting. Killing golems (used to call them “noobs” in good old days), harvesting them, running to the vault…and repeating. Increased my Mason level by helping one player’s plot. It needs at least ~800 marble construction blocks and at least ~400 marble construction keystones. Then, it has low level storage facility: needed 150 sandstone keystone, 60 sandstone blocks, 400 bronze sheeting and 400 cedar timber. At the end of the day I finished sandstone keystones, almost finished sandstone blocks (2 remaining).

Just some data: 1 keystone is 20 bricks. 1 brick is 2 raw material. To make things complicated, 2 keystones vount as 1 when added to structure. In short, you need around 6000 raw material to produce 150 keystones. Easy with sandstone, complicated with some other materials. Yet doable and it it gives crafting xp.

This is what I really like in Istaria: being secret helper. If there is plot and if there is vault nearby – I would gladly help with what I can. I would enjoy seing how new structures appear. And yes, no one will know that I was there.

I talked in our Guild chat about life and Lotro. Of course, they are happy I am returning to Istaria…but one day Lotro would be much like Istaria: 3 servers with few hundreds very loyal players.

Istaria wins in social aspect. You could socialize in new players area. You could aid paying players’ plots. Finally, Dragons typically need help when performing Rite of Passage. And no one should miss spectacular Ascension, when Dragon becomes Adult and later -Ancient.

And so the day has ended. I felt satisfied in Istarua. My secret helping there is probably just begining…