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Lord of the rings online

I am starting to feel confused in Lotro. Windstorms has almost completed quests in Trollshaws. Now all she does is turning in task items. My toon will stand parked for some days to finish with all Trollshaws items. Then I may be ready (though it is a bit risky) to enter Evendim.

Stormsong just stood in Moria. Situation was typical for Moria: players around, no seen activity, local chats dead. NaktiesKarys and Vytautaz were inactive.

I have some strange feeling. Stormsong has lots of deeds to do, yet too little wish to grind another 200 enemies. Kinship is, as usually, very active in Big Battles, but these are not for me.

The only activity – Tuckobourough run with kinnie. He chose tier 2 – and my poor lvl.93 Minstrel was just killed with few hits. I did not expect that hard hits and when I used my heals, it was too late even for Minstrel. Later we did lvl.42 tier1 runs, it was real fun to smash a horde of monsters with 2 ranged hits.

Lotro forum is sometimes full with what Lenin (not me!) called – Usefull Idiots. This time hardcore elitists are moving against reputation items. Reputation items are evil, reputation items are almost an exploit, all thanks to them Turbine is taking massive losses. Of course, no data is given – elitist would not bother about data, except DPS per milisecond. Some players used logic arguments why current system is good – others prefer to scream. Why is system that has worked for many years without flsws – bad, no one cares to explain. If they want to ruin the game – would be pity for me. However, if form some 20-50 player throughout the Lotro current system is bad and for other hundreds of thousandns it is good – screamers should just shut up.

And so the day has ended: no TP earned, no inspiraition. Only, as we joked, “50 shades of grumpyness”.