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Lord of the rings online

So much to tell…so little time and sometimes I do forget what may be important.

Windstorms was active in Trollshaws. Finished almost all quests (only 2 chains remain, but these are for fellowship – would wait untill I am higher lvl). It was easy to finish…troll slayer deed. Now working on other slayer deeds (wigh, crawler) and turning in task items. I can turn in 7 times for 1 day now. Gaining reputation with Elves of Rivendell. Trollshaws has one good point: monsters drop Mathom reputation items + their native, Elves of Rivendell. If one does wigh slayer deed – one would grind much of these items.

Used a code found on one website: it gave every  toon starter pack; riding skill, Chestnut horse, xp acceleration tome (bound) and some cosmetics. Sounds very good – would save me lots of Turbine poins for new toons.

Talked in Kinship chat – at last people start to understand my thinking. One kinnie asked if there is someone who still has no lvl.100 first age weapon. I had none. I explained I had no need. Better DPS? Ok, but I have nowhere to use these dps: I do not go to any of Gondors, I do not fight in Big Failures Battles nor do I do lvl.100 skirmishes/instances. For same reason I do not need top-level equipment. I am more than adequate for lower level monsters. At last someone understood my way of thinking.

NaktiesKarys was more than happy to help one player and construct lvl.100 first age weapon.

My TP grinding toon (Xgrinder) – logged in, used reputation items, then went to Frostbluff, earned more TPs, rode to Places of the Dwarves and finally used maps in my own house. Also, discussed with one player…meaning of life. My answer was long – “to love and be loved; to find God; to help others who need it”.

And so the days has ended. Life was just beautifull in Lotro.