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Lord of the rings online

Year 2014 has ended – and it is high time to re-think it.

I experienced what it means to be a VIP and thanks to Turbine’s generosity – now I am a Premium. Really convenient thing. I also became a fan of ranged classes. Minstrel was the first and it was really cool. Ranged nukes, powerfull self-heals…and despite bikini armour, still capable of doing melee fights. Loremaster is yet another positive experience: though my pet does all job for me (who is supporting whom then?). Warden could have been the choice, it has the best class conception in Lotro. Being both ranged and melee tank, desired in any group – what could be better? Yet it does require lots of patience and I could not master all the gambits.

My new Kinship is very positive experience. I do feel like in a real Family. Kinship is active and should anyone ask for help – player with better internet connection wins: so many are willing to aid. Sometimes I am lucky, sometimes another kinnie outruns me. Kinship is very active in Big Battles, doing them almost ’round the clock. It is there that I am listened to (even if my and Kin opinions may differ…especially about Big battles).

Turbine points grind brought all content up to latest Gondor. Now I can freely quest anywhere. TP grind was very succesfull.

Meanwhile Gondor and Big Battles are…unfinished at best. I can only think of them as of Big Failures. Complete disappointment. Forced fellowship content, heavily depending on random number generator. End-game grind in the name of grind. Content that made me angry and disappointed. Content I will not be purchasing, discounts or not.

Negative things aside – I feel mostly happy and satisfied. I have friends, I have enough activity and am experiencing new things.

And so the year has ended, it was very good in Lotro. Let us hope 2015 would be even better. Happy New year everyone – meet you in Lotro!