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Lord of the rings online

Was celebrating Christmas with my family in real life…and well, after returned – with The Family in Lotro. Since it is a peacefull day – said “no” to killings. Just peacefull Yule festival quests and grinding for more and more tokens.

Why grind? I still need icy grim, steed cosmetics (3 of them) and essence reclamation scroll. And 120 quests to be completed.

We joked in Kin channel, talked about races in Lotro and festivities in real life. We were joking about being “over-drunk”, about races. I joked that if anyone is drunk, Gondor is to blame. “Why?” – someone asked. Answer was simple: Gondor is the only region that has regular quest to over-drink a drunkard (i.e.pirate). I had real fun in Kin chat…and then had to log off.

And so Christmas evening in Lotro has ended. The day has been good in Lotro. Hick…