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Lord of the rings online

Christmas is in the air – all activity is mostly about Yule festival. Windstorms as usually – does all deeds, gets every single token she could, goes to Gondamon, then to Esteldin. Last day I was very succesfull with North Downs: did one quest (to bring auroch’s head to one Dwarf) and earned reputation with Esteldin; did one quest in North Downs and increased my reputation with Thorins Hall. Then – same repeatable dailies: wargs, orcs, spiders.

Vytautaz was forced to do Yule dailies. Two days of work – and I was able to barter grumpy Grim for my Loremaster. Now I still have 1 grim Ffrost?). at least one mount, 1 battle mount set and essence reclamation scroll.

Talked with kinnies about grumpy Gondor and Big Battles.  Most of them understand how I feel and why: I tried my best to explain it. Of course, I have certain prejustice towards Gondamon, but there are logic arguments for that.

And so the day has ended, I had some 433 Tps, was satisfied. Day has been very good in Lotro.