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Lord of the rings online

Since Turbine listened to my prayers (bonus character slot was on discount) – purchased 1 slot for 446 Turbine points. Xgrinder was born, immediately rushed, skipped almost everything she could – and then to the vault of Bree, to use all reputation items.

Windstorms meanwhile fights on three fronts. Frostbluff – doing every quest (except snowball fight and eating contest), grindsing every token. Then – in Gondamon I am turning in task items to get Kindred with Thorins Hall. Finally, I rush to Esteldin to do dailies and get Kindred with the Rangers of Esteldin. Yes, slayer deeds are done there too.

As usually, we talk and joke in Kinship chat. My best jokes – and best jokes about me – concern my “grumpyness”, like – “Do not be grumpy, that is Nak’s job” or my remark  that role of Gandalf (“Gandalf thew Grumpy, Gandalf the always Evil”) is for me; others may try (without success) to play it…

NaktiesKarys helped one lvl.58 to fight in Great Barrows. Run was good one. Then, Naktieskarys too helped kinnie in Fornost…and was outperformed by Minstrel. When I run to target, target is dead, sometimes I got no kills. Yet one more proof that Minstrel is superior to any Champion and almost the best class in Lotro.

One player was very very kind for me. I was playing my Xgrinder, someone talked about free lvl.40 instrument…and I asked like “what about free lvl.40 LM staff?”. I was a bit trolling:who would make such for free? Yet that player did, sent it to me and now my big Loremaster has quality weapon. Yet one more proof our server population is very kind and helpfull.

I am regaining Turbine points (who knows what sales awaits us?), after long waiting I count them. Once again, i have lots of things to do.

And so the day has ended, I felt happy and satisfied. Life is excellent in Lotro.