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Lord of the rings online

Little activity in Lotro: Yule dailies with Windstorms, then back to Gondamon to turn in task items. Finished Brigand salyer in Shire. Also, finally earned one more trait point, invested into some new ability to advance blue trait tree deaper.

In real life things goes wrong. Saw one “easy, solvable by 85%” question from one job application test. Microsoft Excel ddi not cope with it, all Kinship chat was not able, my friend (manager at one company) was not able too. Everyone told it was an absurd, question with too manay possible logical answers. Finally, after maybe an hour someone told it could be algorythm with random actions you need to take. Someone in my country thinks that in order to serve in, say, department of Fishment (Ministry of Agriculture) one needs to have exceptional skills with algorythms. Or they are creating a Ministry of Genius (reminds “Dexter’s Lab”…). Other things in life goes wrong too, so Grumpy Dwarf was really grumpy and really angry.

And so the day has ended. Bad in reality, mediocre in Lotro.