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Lord of the rings online

Yule festival is there  – so my toon are thrown to help Windstorms. She has earned some Turbine points in theatre (considered to be the easiest TPs). Helped the poor. Still donating tokens, knowing that they will be returned after some 10 donations. Managed to grind >100 TPs…but more are to come. We could barter for cosmetic pets, Grims. I bartered fire grim, but there are snow and shadow versions too, each for 75 festival tokens. Then, we have warsteed appearance (100 tokens), Essence reclamation scroll (180 tokens); this is not counting 2 caparisons (~100 tokens each) and horses (~100 tokens each). But I will grind, I am good at that.

After festival quests, Windstorms quested in the Shire, did almost all deeds, except Brigand slayer advanced (will finish quickly) and evil “No place for spoiled pies”. Then moved to Ered Luin, ran very quickly throughout the content, finishing all deeds. Well, except Sarnur ones, I am too little for that. Now I have ~400 TPs and need to grind more to purchase additional character slot.

NaktiesKarys helped kinnie in barrows near Bree and Sarnur. Sarnur was the show I really enjoyed. My shing-shings worked, my Kinship hunter was impressed. At last some self-confidence in my not-so-good class. At last shing-shings I ws investing into were usefull. Of course, I got some nice reputation items – yet still need to grind for more.

And so the day have ended, I felt satisfied. Day has been very good and (shing-shing) impressive in Lotro.