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Lord of the rings online

It is hard for me to write blog. Half of day I try to work and can’t blog there. Then i am home, do some work here, play Lotro – and little time to write.

Meanwhile my Loremaster was questing in North Downs. Finished some slayer deeds, rejected some quests (i do remember my Champion being almost killed there and Champion was lvl.95…). However, reputation grew, started my way to Kindred. Quests were not hard, just a bit running forward and backward. Reached level 35 this way and I’m very close to lvl.36.

Epic quest redirects to Trollshaws and this is my chance to start gaining real xp, not just 11 or 22 per kill. I need fast xp to get more skills on trait tree. The more skills, the more powerfull my pet becomes. More powerfull pet – easier life.

In Kinship we had a strange evening. One kinnie left. Told he had too little time for game. He left. 3 alts left. Then another his toon left. Some of his alts too. I was surprised to see this like “Xa has left your Kinship”…”Xb has left your Kinship”…”Za has left your Kinship”. One kinnie tolds -“how many alts did he have? 2 million?”. No one was sure. Of course, it is a pity to see people leaving – but I guess they will return.

I did not miss my chance for trolling. Told – “Ok, guys, time for me to leave too”. Someone re-asked if I was not leaving. My answer was – “trolling: succesfull. I am leaving to have some sleep”. We laughed a bit and then I logged off.

Kinship once again was kind enough to make some shiny jewellery for my Loremaster and inform that at lvl.40 I would be able to use sword. My Kinship does care about me. I wish I could do something good for them too, but I really have little chance for that.

And so the day has ended and it was real success in Lotro.