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Lord of the rings online

Windstorms was the only active. Once again, lone lands: killing any enemy for xp and reputation with Eglain. Finally, kindred reached, got skill “Return to Ost Guruth”.

I left for North Downs. Yes, monsters are grey. Yes, I have reached Kindred with men of Bree, so Trestlebridge quests give little to me. Some 100-200 xp and reputation when I am kindred.   Killing Orc with my agressive pet was easy – many orcs and agressive pet means quick deed.

Discussed my Loremaster with Kinship once again. For me, Minstrel is top class (self-healing ranged AoE;what more could me ask for?). Then comes Loremaster as long as I accept that pet does 90% job for me.

And so the day has ended. I did grey quests, received info about dangerous (dangerously grey) passes. Yet I was satisfied: another region, another Kindred and final preparation for Trollshaws. Life was good in Lotro.