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Lord of the rings online

Sorry, was a bit busy with my real-life and grinding in Lotro.  While real life is not a subject of this blog – Lotro was a busy one. Busy with my Windstorms (Lore master).

Every single day – repeat same and same deeds. Cast same and same spells on myself/pet untill one beautiful day I had 3 class deeds done. 3 trait points earned. I also do grind reputation with Eglain: every single day 5 turn-ins, then wait untill next day.

Kinnies helped with evil Garth Agarwen. In fact, it was a quick walk. Ouir lvl.100 Hunter went there to aid me. She just ranged-genocided almost anything, I had little time to aid her. We did all quests I needed; only in last one I was killed by Ivar or his minion. Now, I will need someone to escort me to the entrance of Garth Agarwen. Need to receive awards for completing quests.

I still try to realise how blue line Loremaster works. It is not DPS, it heavily depends on pet. My attacks are pretty lame and I still struggle whether should I focus on stunning/dazing/slowing enemy – or try to aid my pet as best as I could? Kinship tells mee that for DPS – I should go red line. Blue line’s effect – almost immortal pet.

Now I am in crossroads again. Kinnies advice going to Trollshaws (but they do mean evil trolls and giants). Epic quest redirects to North Downs.

StormSong did some quests in Edoras: poor city needs to be evacuated. Same good quest that makes me feel what poor NPC feels. An old farmer asks to water his crops last time and destroy same weeds. If Orcs will come, they will burn and destrou anything, weed or not – yet this care is captivating. Immersing. One of the quests I really like, no matter how sad it could be.

In short – life is good with Lotro.