Lord of the rings online

First day I could wake up, play Lotro and do not go anywhere:weird feeling. However, my Lore master continued her journeys. Most of Bree-land deeds finished, she now went to Lone lands.

I really enjoy being there. First of all – slayer deeds goes faster. Pet (my trustfull Bog Guardian) range kills monster while I start attacking another. I am killing any deedable monster I meet (and well, trying to ignore non-deedables). Using almost all skills needed for class deeds. Goblin and Orc slaying goes very well, Crabain and warg – just good. My pet is strong and in most situations can handle situation.

There were but 2 unpleasant situations: when my pet ran into horde of Dourhands and was almost killed; when I ran into several Dourhands and was killed. This is where Lore master is weak: crowd control without pet.

Otherwise, things are going just great, I really like playin Lore master. Kind of glass cannon itself – yes. Pet does all job for him – yes. But in blue trait tree Lore master has almost invicible pet. Of course, Minstrel is better (crowd control + better skills).

Eglain quests: there are so many I was tired from doing all of them. Reputation is flowing and with lots of task items, I expect to reach Kindred quickly. Fast questing also mean fast levelling: my toon is almost levle 30 now. She uses new (lvl.280 armour nad would have problem with  new armour: my crafter lacks Pristine hides.

Few little problems aside – things are going very well in Lotro. Life there is just superb.