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Real life

Lost my job. Short pause, will look for new one. Not too happy thoughts.

Lord of the rings online

Had some fun with Loremaster. Teamed with Tsu in barrows near Bree, together we kicked >150 spiders, looted many things. Loremaster so far is very nice class, outperformed probably only by Minstrel.

I am doing my quests easily. Pet just tears apart any enemy. I do enjoy Bog-Guardian: he is ranged, he has special attacks and is good at melee too. Other kinnies tell they prefer Lynx (rumoured to one-shot almost anything from stealth mode). Will definetly try it.

The only problem with my pet setup is pet being too powerfull. Sometimes I am begin my attack (to advance class deed) – and it is too late, enemy killed. But it is not a problem with grey monsters.

Another problem – outlevelled territories: Shire and Ered Luin. Even now, I would have only grey mobs there. I could stay and my pet would just kill things for me. Looks like I have to go to Lone lands and level up here…or is it North Downs?

NaktiesKarys was more than happy to help one kinnie with Northcotton farm. Shing-shing and things were done.

And so weekend has ended, almost good one.