Lord of the rings online

We have +25% experience gain in Lotro, so my lore-mastering Whirlstorms quested in Bree. Things are going just great: I unleash my own pet, pet does all the job, I support pet (experience somehow is for me, not for pet). Investing into blue trait tree so that pet would last longer. In agressive mode it is just flow of xp.

Loremaster himself looks to be weak in melee combat and having very limited amount of direct damage attacks. One melee attack. One damage+damage over time. Received “Cracked earth” that too has some damage. No self-heals so far, only some weird stuff that “interrupts inductions” (but I never needed that).

However, questing was good. Neeker-breaker deeds completed, now it’s time to finish sicle-flies. Easy quests in Bree would give me some 190 Turbine points: enough to cover expenses for riding skill and unlocking some trait skills.

I am satisfied with my Loremaster, just need more and more time to fully understand how it works. And then, I would be almost invicible.

So the day has ended, I felt very satisfied with Lotro. Minstrel, Loremasters – what a good classes are they!